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PHC 6949: Applied Practice Experiences (3 credits)

As of Fall 2018, incoming MPH students complete PHC 6949: Applied Practice Experiences. Applied Practice Experiences (APE) allow students to apply the knowledge, skills, and theories learned in the classroom to real-world public health issues outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to learn from public health professionals in a variety of settings including governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, and for-profit organizations. Examples of APE include community-based service-learning courses, volunteering, field experience/internship, study abroad, and community-based public health projects. Students must complete at least two APE activities during their MPH program. One of the activities must be an Interprofessional Education (IPE) activity. An IPE is an experience that involves collaborating with two or more students or professionals from professions outside of public health. Students can track their experiences in the EPortfolio within Archivum. For guidance on using the EPortfolio please review this video.

For credit in the course the student will produce two Products (e.g., reflection paper, poster presentation, PowerPoint slides, video, etc.) that describe the APEs and connect them to your MPH competencies. The APE product must address a minimum of three foundational and two concentration competencies. The IPE Product must address MPH Foundational Competency #21: Perform effectively on interprofessional teams. These products may take on various forms to accommodate the nature of the experience. An exit interview with your faculty mentor is also required.

Concentrations may specify guidance for meeting the APE requirements. Please consult with your faculty mentor.

Prior to completing any applied practice or interprofessional experiences that you may wish to use towards fulfilling the course requirements, you must gain prior approval from your faculty mentor through the Learning Agreement Form.

If you plan to complete an internship as one of your APE experiences, please use the APE Internship Guide to establish expectations between student, faculty mentor, and community preceptor.

For APE examples and opportunities please visit Canvas: ORG03079: Applied Practice Experiences. The Office of Experiential Learning can be reached at

For additional information about APE, please view this short presentation.

For any university-related international travel related to your APE, you must complete the USF Health Student Travel Process PRIOR to the travel. Please contact for more information about international travel.

PHC 6949 Syllabus

Registration Process for PHC 6949: Applied Practice Experiences:   Complete an APE course permit request via Archivum at (view instructions).  Following approval, an email containing the registration details will be sent to the student’s USF Health email account.

PHC 6945: Supervised Field Experience (1-12 credits)

For students enrolled prior to Fall 2018 PHC 6945: Supervised Field Experience is required. Supervised field experience provides an opportunity for the student to gain valuable knowledge and experience that would not normally be available through other courses in the College. The field experience will occur outside the College, depending on the students’ interests and skills. 

The specific objectives of the supervised field experience are:

  1. To provide the student with the opportunity to utilize knowledge and practice new skills learned in the coursework;
  2. To expose the student to a broader range of public health activities than the student has experienced to date;
  3. To contribute to the student's professional education through assignments that are useful to the field organization and that refine the student's professional skills and
  4. To help the student to identify his or her own professional strengths and weaknesses and areas of knowledge for further study.

For FE examples and opportunities please visit Canvas: ORG03079: Applied Practice Experiences and review the module for Field Experience.

For any university-related international travel related to your FE, you must complete the USF Health Student Travel Process PRIOR to the travel. Please contact for more information.

PHC 6945 Syllabus

Registration Process for Supervised Field Experience (PHC 6945): (1-12 credits; S / U Grade Only) 

  • Download the FE Plan (domestic or international)
  •  Complete the plan and obtain the required approvals from your Faculty Mentor and Field Experience Preceptor.
  • Submit the plan to the Office of Experiential Learning at The FE Plan is due by the Wednesday before classes start to assure that a permit can be issued in time for registration.(Reduced Rate Students must follow their registration deadlines.)
  • Once approved, a permit will be issued, and you will receive an email with the course reference number. You must register in OASIS and adjust the number of credit hours.

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