MPH Programs of Study

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MPH Concentrations

The links for each concentration and its program of study are below. Note: “online” indicates the concentration is offered online, "traditional" indicates the concentration is offered on-campus, and "terminated" indicates the program is no longer offered by USF. The Combined Concentration image notes combined concentrations. 

Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief, and Homeland Security                                                                                                
Health, Safety and Environment                                                                             
Infection Control                                                                                                   
Nutrition and Dietetics                                                                                          
Public Health Practice                                                                                            
Social Marketing                                                                                                    

Applied Biostatistics                                                                                              
Behavioral Health                                                                                                  
Environmental and Occupational Health                                                                
Epidemiology and Global Communicable Disease Combined Concentration                                          
Epidemiology and Global Health Combined Concentration                                                                     
Epidemiology and Maternal & Child Health Combined Concentration                                                     
Global Communicable Disease                                                                               
Global Health Practice                                                                                           
Health Care Organizations and Management                                                         
Health Policies and Programs                                                                                
Maternal and Child Health                                                                                     
Public Health Education                                                                                         

Biostatistics (terminated fall 2018)                                                                         
Environmental Health (terminated fall 2018)   
Epidemiology Online (merged with 'Epidemiology' summer 2020)                                                       
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Combined Concentration (terminated fall 2018)                                      
Occupational Health (terminated fall 2018)                                                           
Occupational Health for Nurses (terminated fall 2018)                                           
Occupational Medicine Residency (terminated fall 2018)                                       
Occupational Safety (terminated fall 2018)                                                            
Public Health Administration (terminated fall 2018)                                               
Socio-Health Sciences (terminated fall 2018)                                                         
Toxicology and Risk Assessment (terminated fall 2018)

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