Externship Application Guidelines

  • Submitted at least 4 weeks in advance to registrar (You cannot obtain proof of  liability/malpractice coverage without this.)
  • Needs department director's signature for approval

Other schools forms are usually completed by registrar (even if it says “Dean”)

  • Immunization documents are handled through Medical Health Administration (Tampa) and Employee Health (LVHN)
  • Pay special attention to host school requirements such as cut-offs for withdrawing and immunization requirements

Externship Evaluation (https://usfjira.atlassian.net/wiki/display/MCOM/Registrar) 

  • Take this form with you and follow up on its completion with the host institution
  •  We do accept the host institution’s form if the refuse to complete the USF form

Malpractice Coverage

  • The standard coverage we certify is $200,000 single occurrence and $300,000 aggregate. We will certify your information in VSAS as "Coverage as required, with limits not to exceed $1,000,000/3,000,000."
    • If the institution requires the actual certificate please email comregistrar@usf.edu with the following information. You must have the completed USF Externship Application Form on file.
        1. Name of institution
        2. Application dates (Can be a range of dates)    

What to do if dates at other schools are different (in this order)

            1. Ask if the host institution is flexible with their dates

            2. Use an interview month (e.g. MEL INT) or a 2-week elective as a buffer 

            3. Ask for permission from the course coordinator to make up time from USF rotations

Externships Outside the US

  •  Send proof of International Emergency Medical Insurance to the Registrar’s Office – Can be emailed to comregistrar@usf.edu. 

VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service)

  • Each school is different, so please make sure to read their individual requirements before applying
  • If you need a transcript, you must complete the transcript request form (VSAS TRANSCRIPT REQUEST 20-21.pdf).

                        -You only need to do this once

                        -You must release the transcript (in VSAS) to the institutions you want to see it. Institutions will not be granted automatic access.