Scheduling a Meeting in Outlook

Using the Outlook Calendar to Schedule Meetings

This is a quick guide on how to schedule meetings in Outlook. 

Scheduling Assistant for Web 

  1. Click the App launcher icon located on the top left of Outlook email on the web. (see image below) 

  2. Click All apps. (see image below) 

  3. Click Calendar. (see image below) 

  4. Click New event. (see image below) 

  5. Fill in the fields. (see image below) 

    As you fill in the fields such as the date, time, and meeting attendees, the calendar grid on the right will change to indicate red if one of the attendees has a conflict and green if everyone is available. Click Scheduling Assistant located at the top of the window (shown in the screenshot above) if you need additional help finding an available meeting date and time.

  6. Click Send.

Scheduling Assistant for Desktop 

For instructions on how to schedule meetings using the Outlook desktop Scheduling Assistant, view the video below or click here