Y1 Comprehensive Exam File(s) Load Process


The following guidelines are recommended for the USF Morsani College of Medicine community in uploading year one medical students' student test scores. These test scores are loaded to the Health Education Data Warehouse and other student information. 



The above-shared drive folder has the following sub-folders:

  • Loading Area - Folder where the data files need to be placed for loading.
  • Archive - Contains the files that have been loaded to the database in the past.
  • Error Logs - Contains the following 2 files
    • Y1CE_Invalid_data_error_log.csv - Contains invalid data records in the file when data was last loaded.
    • Y1CE_Invalid_Unumber_error_log.csv - Contains U-number records which don't match any Health Banner students in the file when data was last loaded.
    • Error Log Archive -  Contains the archived error logs by date of run.
  • Required File Format - Contained the template file 'Y1CE_Scores_AYXXXX.xlsx'. Please use it to generate any files that need to be loaded to the database. 
  • Original File Archive - Contains files that were provided by the client in a different format than what is required.

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Rules for Data

  • Must have a test date for each record.
  • Must have a valid Examinee Id (U-number) for a USF Health student.
  • Must have a non-zero Total Percent Correct value for each record.
  • Columns must be in the order indicated on the file in the Required File Format folder.
  • The excel sheet name should not have a '&' character.
  • File must be in .xlsx format.

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New File Loading Process

Follow these steps to provide a new Y1CE data file for loading to database:

  1. Go to the folder location.
  2. Go to Required File Format sub-folder. Open the 'Y1CE_Scores_AYXXXX.xlsx' file.
  3. Create/Download the new NBME Y1CE data file(s) and save them with the format from step 2. 
  4. The file(s) should be named appropriately with a date appended in the end and saved as an 'Excel Workbook' (*.xlsx) to the Loading Area folder. 
    If there are multiple files they can all be placed in the same location.

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Data Correction and Loading Process


You will be notified if there are any source data errors while loading the file(s). The email will mention the location and file name of the error log. Please note the error log will be in a .csv format and you will need to save the corrected data into a .xlsx format as indicated in the process.

Follow these steps to provide a corrected Y1CE data file for loading to database:

  1. Go to the folder location.
  2. Go to the Error Logs sub-folder.
  3. Locate the error log file name mentioned in the email.
  4. Open the file and check for the error records.
  5. Update the file(s) with the corrected data.
  6. Rename the file(s) appropriately with a date appended in the end.
  7. Save the file(s) as an 'Excel Workbook' (*.xlsx) to the Loading Area folder.

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Load Schedule

It is important that the Excel files be closed and are not open for editing before the load process begins. When the data load begins if the file is open, then the process will error out. The load is expected to run every Saturday at 9:05 am.

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