NetID - FAQ/ Questions and Answers

This article contains frequently asked questions and answers for NetID

Can I change my NetID?

Changing a NetID (e.g. 'jdoe' to 'jsmith') is strongly discouraged due to the effect on services/applications that use that value as the account name for each person (e.g. Google, PeopleAdmin). Normally, changing a NetID actually creates a new NetID for the same identity and preserves old one too. The person can then login with either NetID value with the same password, depending on which NetID(s) the service they are connecting to allows.

What happens if I ask for my old NetID to be removed?

If specifically requested, the old NetID can be removed; however, the person risks:

  • Orphaning data (under the old NetID) in services that cannot rename accounts, e.g. GoogleApps. Please be sure to move your Gmail and any GoogleDocs
  • Orphaning transactions (started under the old NetID), especially in services using workflow, e.g. PeopleAdmin / Careers@USF, Canvas.

What will happen to my Windows-ID if I change my NetID?

As the windows domains (e.g. fastmail) are consolidated, Windows-IDs will match the NetID, so requests to change a NetID will also change corresponding Windows-ID.

What do I need to do to change my NetID?

Requests for changes to one's NetID are to be submitted to including supporting evidence of one of the following:

  1. Name-change in OASIS, if student, or GEMS, if employee
  2. Extraordinary circumstance

Acceptance of the responsibility for determining and coordinating any account changes in each of the USF services/applications accessed via the NetID value, e.g. Windows-Domain, MS-Exchange, GoogleApps, Parking. 

Failure to coordinate the change with a service-provider can lead to loss of access and/or data (associated with the previous NetID).

  • Allow 7-10 days for a response – either confirmation that the NetID was/will-be changed, or a rejection of the request.
  • NetID name changes may be approved but not done during peak processing times, as determined by the IT-Security staff.