Service Account Password Reset


This article provides instructions on resetting a Service Account password. A Service Account is similar to a NetID account in that it has its own credentials, so you may need to reset its password periodically.

  • Only the responsible person may reset the password. If you do not have access to reset it, you are not the responsible person. Please contact with any questions.
  • You must notify all users of the account before changing the password.
  1. Visit and
  2. Select Change your NetID password.
  3. Enter the Service Account name followed by (e.g., when prompted for a user ID.
  4. Check that the Service Account name appears under User ID
  5. Enter your old password in the old password field (see below)
    Reset Password Screen
  6. Enter your new password in both new password fields (see above)
  7. Click Submit

If a Service Account is no longer needed, please submit a Jira Ticket for IT Security at or send an email to with your request.