Technology Exception Process Purchasing (UTSB) FAQ

This document can be used to answer common questions relating to Technology Exception Process Purchasing (UTSB) form.

Table of Contents

The Technology Exception Process Purchasing (UTSB) form was moved out of Service Now into USF Bull Marketplace on July 16, 2020. This move occurred because Service Now has been retired.

When is a Technology Exception Process Purchase (UTSB) Form Required?

UTSBs are required when purchasing non-standard technology or when the purchase will require IT support for any integrations. Please refer to this page for a more detailed explanation.

Who can submit a Technology Exception Process Purchase (UTSB)?

USF employees that have the shopper role or requester role in USF Bull Marketplace.

Where and how to submit a Technology Exception Process Purchase (UTSB)?

  1. Log into MyUSF

  2. Click Business Systems.
  3. Click Bull Marketplace.

  4. Click Technology Exception Request (UTSB).

  5. Answer the questions, then click Submit.

The Technology Exception Request (UTSB) form will be routed for approval. Once approved, the person who submitted it will receive a notification. If denied, a notification will also be sent. After approval, proceed with purchasing, using established purchasing processes.

Checking the status of a previously submitted Technology Exceptions Request (UTSB)

The user who created can check the status. **An employee with the ‘Approver Role’ can check any Technology Exceptions Request (UTSB) status.

  1. Click Orders.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Click Procurement Requests.

  4. The Search Procurement Requests appears. Here you can also check the status.