Epic Trainee Resources (2020)


This page provides new Residence with basic information and resources for both USF and TGH to help with getting started in Epic.

USF Resources:

Here is a list of resources you can access to help resolve issues you may encounter in the event of computer problems, Epic and other applications related to USF:

 For help with Computer related issues, i.e. VMWare, NetId Passwords, etc., assistance is available by phone or chat found by clicking the following link USF Help Desk.

 For questions about Epic Training for USF Health Care, email the Clinical Systems Training Team:

For access to tip sheets when you are rotating through a USF Department, visit Teams: USF Resident Epic Resource Channel and select the Files tab:

For Epic Support while at a USF Clinic, email Clinical Systems Support Team or contact USF IT HelpDesk:

To review online eLearning Modules for Epic (USF), visit the Saba website:

  • https://usf.sabacloud.com
    1. Login using your USF NetId and password (same as USF email)
    2. In the search bar search for keyword: Resident
    3. Click on Resident Online Course
    4. Click on: Enroll and launch the Epic modules.
    5. If required to do so you may also find Additional Resident Training modules to complete by searching for keyword: Additional
    6. Click on Additional Resident Training
    7. Click on: Enroll and launch Logging Duty Hours required module.

Question regarding e-learning modules, please contact epicsupport@usf.edu

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TGH Resource:

For help with Computer related issues at TGH sites, i.e. Passwords, Epic, Epic Training, etc.,


For all 2021 Resident/Fellows onboarding this year, if you need remote access to Epic (USF and TGH), please download the VM Ware software. You can find the instructions to install VM Ware here. If you need assistance installing it on your computer, the USF Help Desk can be contacted by either Live Chat or by phone at 813-974-HELP (4357).

  1. When rounding at a USF Clinic, select the correct job role by clicking on the magnifying glass. If you do not select the correct job role, you will not be able to chart.

    If you are unable to select your USF Resident job role contact USF Support:

  2. At the Job selection window, choose the magnifying glass and select your job function. While at a USF Department (Outpatient) use the USF Resident and when at TGH (Inpatient) use the TGH Resident/Fellow

  3. Logging off the Epic application is extremely important. Please be sure you click on Log Out every time when you are no longer using the Epic application. This can cause issues if you do not properly log off.

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If you are unable to solve your issue with this knowledge article you can contact the IT Service Desk by calling (813) 974-HELP (4357) or emailing help@usf.edu. 

If you find any errors or omissions on any knowledge base page, please send an email to the 'DocTeam' at ITDocTeam@usf.edu.