Microsoft Hubs Guide


This user guide provides information about Microsoft Surface Hubs. The Surface Hubs can be used for ad-hoc and scheduled meetings. The Hubs provide a digital whiteboard feature and can be used to share documents and PowerPoints during the Teams meeting.

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is where every session starts. On the Welcome Screen you can do the following:

  1. Join a scheduled meeting
  2. Start a new meeting
  3. Start the whiteboard
  4. Connect to a Windows computer
  5. View the name of the Hub
  6. Open the Start menu to begin using the applications.

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Start Menu

Use the Start Menu to launch apps and access your files.

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App Workspace

The App workspace allows application multitasking. The App divider can be be dragged left and right to change the width of the apps on the screen. 

  1. Clip to the whiteboard
  2. Full Screen
  3. App divider bar
  4. Task view
  5. End session
  6. Move Teams to the other side
  7. Minimize Teams
  8. More options
  9. Action center
  10. Clock with calendar

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Task View

Task view shows you the applications currently running.

  1. Touch an app to open it.
  2. Tap the X to close the app.

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Full Screen

When working in full screen:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the buttons
  2. Press Exit full screen to return to normal windows.

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End Session

When you are done using the Hub, make sure to end your session. Ending the session will log you out of all application and remove all data from that session.

  1. End session
  2. Confirm Yes or Cancel

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Schedule a Meeting

Prior to using the Surface Hub, you can schedule a meeting with the Hub by adding/inviting the Hub as an attendee to the meeting. This will allow you to easily join the meeting when you arrive at the Surface Hub. Create the meeting, as you normally would, with Outlook or Teams. When adding the meeting attendees include the Surface Hub. You can search the directory for the Hub using the Hub's name or email address.

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Join or Start a Meeting

  1. Join a scheduled meeting with one touch. Tap on the meeting you wish to join.
  2. Or you can start a new (ad-hoc) meeting by clicking the Call icon. 
    1. Start an ad-hoc meeting

      1. Tap on the Call button.
      2. Tap on Meet now.
      3. Invite the attendees.
      4. Tap Start meeting.

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Teams Panel

Once a meeting has started, you will see the Teams panel displayed on the right side of the screen. In this panel, you will find the display video and meeting controls. 

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Teams Panel Meeting Controls

You will notice the meeting controls look very similar to the controls you see in the regular Teams desktop app. 

  1. Turn video on or off
  2. Turn mic on or off
  3. Share the screen
  4. More options
  5. Start whiteboard
  6. Leave the meeting

Additional controls

  1. Full screen
  2. Add attendees
  3. Team options
  4. Meeting info

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Add Attendees to a Meeting

Add additional attendees to a meeting by clicking on the Add people icon located at the bottom of the app. Then enter their email address or phone number to invite them to the meeting.

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