Epic Trainee Resources (2022)


Here is a list of resources to help resolve issues you may encounter including computer problems, Epic related issues and other applications related to USFTGP.

For Epic and other application support:

  • For immediate support call the TGH IT Help Desk (Technology Support Center) @ 813-844-7490
  • For non-urgent needs, submit a Self-Service ticket through https://helpdesk.tgh.org 

    (**You must be connected to the USF or TGH network. If remote, a VPN is necessary.)
  • Products typically chosen are:
    • “Epic – Access”
    • “OnGuard (Door access and management, Security alarm monitoring)”
  • For non-urgent needs submit an email to helpdesk@tgh.org

For help with issues relating to USF NetID Passwords, USF Teams, USF Email, Box, or other University resource related issues contact USF Service Desk:

To review online eLearning Modules for Epic (USF), visit the MindLab website:

TGH Resource:

 For help with computer-related issues at TGH & USFTGP sites, i.e. Passwords, Epic, Epic Training, etc.


When rounding at a USFTGP Clinic, select the correct job role by clicking on the magnifying glass. If you do not select the correct job role, you will not be able to chart.

If you are unable to select your USF Resident job role, call the TGH IT Help Desk: 813-844-7490

  • In the Job selection window, choose the magnifying glass and select your job function. While at a USFTGP Department (Outpatient), use USF Resident, and when at TGH (Inpatient), use the TGH Resident/Fellow job role.

  • On the next screen, enter the following information:
    • Type of Supervision: Supervision Required
    • Provider: Enter the name of your attending.
    • Department: Enter the name of the department you are working in.

  • Enter the name of your attending in the Supervising Provider search box.

Logging off the Epic application is extremely important. Please be sure you click on Log Out when you are finished using the Epic application. Issues may arise if you do not properly log off.


If you are unable to solve your issue with this knowledge base article, please contact the USF IT Service Desk by using Chat at itchat.usf.edu, calling (813) 974-HELP (4357) or emailing help@usf.edu. 

If you find any errors or omissions in any knowledge base article, please contact and inform the USF IT Service Desk by calling (813) 974-HELP (4357) or emailing help@usf.edu.