Working with media files on your webpages.


Images that you use on your website are uploaded and served through the Sitecore Media Library. The Media Library supports standard image formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG. There is no need to remember image URL’s as our components provide you with a direct interface to upload and select images.

Instructions on working with the Media Library can be found here.


Videos can be displayed in multiple ways through the Media Layout component.

Videos linked in USF websites must be hosted in USF-approved accounts in YouTube or Vimeo.

If your department does not already have an account, please share the video with University Communications and Marketing (UCM) so they can upload it to the appropriate YouTube channel. Once the video has been uploaded and is live, the YouTube or Vimeo URL can be used to add them to your pages.

Due to limited storage space, we can not store or serve video from the Sitecore Media Library.

Documents & Files

Box shared links are the standard way of linking to documents (pdf, docx, etc.) from USF and USF Health websites. Box shared links automatically update themselves, saving you time from having to update your website or submit a service ticket every time the file is revised.

More information on creating and managing Box shared links can be found here.

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