Setting up Microsoft Authenticator (MFA)


This article provides instructions for setting up the Microsoft Authenticator application on your mobile device. To be able to perform the following steps, you will need to be at a computer and have your mobile device ready.

These steps are based on newer model Android and iOS devices - your images may differ. 

  1. On a computer with internet access, log in to

  2. Select Add sign-in method.

  3. Select Authenticator app from dropdown.

  4. Select Add to continue.

  5. On your mobile device, download the Microsoft Authenticator app from either the App Store or Play Store.

  6. Once the app is downloaded on your mobile device, select Next on the computer's Authenticator screen.

  7. On your mobile device, open the Microsoft Authenticator app and allow all permissions if prompted.

  8. Select Accept for the "Help us improve Microsoft Authenticator".

  9. If using an Older Model Device, or you are presented with the following screen, select Add Account.

    New Model Devices

    If you are on a newer model, Skip to Step 11.

  10. Select Work or school account.

  11. Select Scan QR Code. (images below will be different based on the age of your devices Operating System)

    Newer iPhone and Android devices.

    Older Devices.

  12. Grant permission for the Authenticator app to access the camera.



  13. Back on the computer, select Next.

  14. With the app open on the mobile device, scan the QR code shown on the computer's website.

  15. Select Allow so that the Authenticator app can deliver notifications.

  16. If all has been successful, your account will appear in the Authenticator app.

  17. After scanning the QR code with the Authenticator app, select Next on the website.

  18. Enter the code shown on the website into the mobile device and select Yes.



  19. Once completed, on the website, select Next.

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