COVID-19 Vaccine Education

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Welcome alumni! The College of Nursing is thrilled that you are willing to volunteer your nursing skills with us at this time of national need.

In order to volunteer, a few steps are required: 

  1. Review the USF Volunteer information. Complete the “Volunteer Serve Application and Appointment"  form and send the completed form to Denise Maguire at
  2. Review all linked documents in the "What HCP Need to Know" section below and complete the required quiz. 
    1. Part of the quiz is uploading verification of your nursing license (not a copy of your license). Directions are embedded in the quiz.

3. After completing step 1 and 2, email to let them know of your availability. Include the following:

    1. Title of the specific opportunity in the subject line
    2. Specific dates you would like to volunteer
    3. Identify yourself as an alumni volunteer

Someone will contact you to schedule your shifts, and Dr. Denise Maguire will serve as your ‘supervisor’ for these activities, should you need that information. 

*Note: All vaccinators will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when volunteering.