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Teaching Supervision of Committee Entries do not show in Print Friendly View (for in-progress applications) in Tenure & Promotion but ARE available to Reviewers.



Reported on SRV-344561, moved to the backlog as a bug ticket, and awaiting development on AUSF-23320.
Copy and pasting from a rich text source (such as a word processor or e-mail) into FIS causes database writes to fail due to unseen special formatting characters. This leaves the record in  an indeterminate state requiring IT intervention and possibly significant delays.

Known issue as early as



Discussed on AUSF-603. Remains an issue.

Symptoms: Information fails to save. Process fails to move forward.

Workaround -  Paste as unformatted text or copy and paste through Notepad (or other plain text editor) first to strip special characters.

Using multiple browser tabs in T&P to modify Teaching and Research information confuses the system.


(but likely earlier)


Reported on SRV-162952, awaiting development on AUSF-1752.

Symptoms: Submit for Quality Review button missing when expected and/or Summary of Teaching or Analysis of Publications review not displayed but exists in DocuSigned document.

Workaround: Do not open Teaching and Research in separate tabs for data entry.

With multiple Evaluation Committee Chairs, once one chair accepts the Task for editing, the others are locked out and cannot even view the Evaluation.


Fixed by Record-Based Evaluations
Committee Members added after an Evaluation has been submitted for review do not receive a Task to view or edit the Evaluation.RESOLVEDFixed by Record-Based Evaluations
Evaluation Print Preview doesn't display Faculty information, nor Committee and Regional Chancellor ratings and narratives.


Reported on SRV-271602 and SRV-398549, awaiting development on AUSF-21143.
Completed Annual Assignments cannot be edited



This functionality is slated for completion in Sprint 2 of Q4 2021 (Early May 2021) Slated for Release 5/12/21
Tenure and Promotion Timeline update fails (dates don't change)



Reported on SRV-429305 . Finalizing development, expected release 5/5/21.

Resolved 5/5/21. Communication sent to listserv at 1015.

Open 2020 Evaluations inadvertently closed



IT is working on reversing the closings, anticipated fix by COB  
Communication sent to the listserv,   at 0959.
Resolved  at 1637.
Communication sent to the listserv, 01/28/2021 at 1837.