Restrictions: A maximum of (3) periods may be spent off campus in externships without prior approval.

Externships are NOT normally scheduled during the following periods without signed approval from the Associate Dean for Students Affairs.

  • Period 10
  • Period 11

Requirements for Approval: The following forms must be completed for the externship to be approved:

  1. Host Institution Application Form

    Most Medical School will require completion of their application form or an application via VSLO.
  2. Proof of Emergency Medical Insurance (if applicable)
    Students traveling internationally must contact USF Health International (https://health.usf.edu/international/travel-students) and are required to complete the international travel registration process prior to being enrolled in the University’s travel medical and evacuation insurance.
  3. Communication
    Students away from campus on externships are required to keep the Registrar's Office informed of their exact whereabouts so they can be located in the event of an emergency.
  4. Non-VSLO Externships: Externships offered through VSLO do not require an application form. Students completing a non-VSLO externship must complete the externship application form available on the Forms page and return to the Registrar's Office for review and submission to the Assist Dean for Clinical Curriculum for approval.
  5. Externship Evaluation: All externships require a written evaluation of the student's performance at the conclusion of such elective periods. This evaluation must be submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing. Students should take an evaluation form with them to the externship. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Registrar's Office receives an evaluation form from the host institution.

  6. Guidelines and Tips: Click here for additional information discussed at the class meeting (filling out forms, alternate school dates, malpractice coverage, etc.).

  7. Fingerprinting, Background checks, Drug screens, Immunizations, etc.: Click here

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