Student Success Research & Analytics (SSRA)

About Us

SSRA provides university-wide support by providing comprehensive student information about the University of South Florida. Our goal is to collect, analyze and disseminate data for use in student success, institutional planning, policy development, governmental reporting and strategic decision-making processes. Our values are to provide quality services to our community by applying best practices in research and data management to ensure data integrity and accuracy in reporting.

Our focus is to ensure that we provide data that is accurate, reliable and valid. We develop data that is easily understood, informative, and available to the university community. Our teams collaborate with the USF community as a consultant to monitor and support the core vision of USF.

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Our Team

Shruti Kumar


Xiaoying Liu, PhD

Associate Director

Glendalis Gonzalez

Associate Director 

Sangita Singh

Statistical Data Analyst, Manager

Hennadii Balashov

Statistical Data Analyst

Tina Gainer

Statistical Data Analyst

Alexandra Olynyk

GA Data Analyst

Zhong Zheng 

GA Data Analyst

@Shashank Rao Gujja 

GA Data Analyst


Akshay Kumar Kandagaddala

GA Data Analyst 

Dingwei Guo 

GA Data Analyst 

Kevin Meleedy

Business Analyst