Remote Desktop Gateway Access Instructions - RDG


The Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) is used to access your on-campus Windows computer from another remote computer. It provides additional security for our connections with university computing resources.

If your job duties require a RDG or other remote access solution, please contact the USF IT Service Desk while on campus and in front of the machine you will be connecting to for setup and configuration.

Please call 813-974-4357 or visit to have this the setup and configuration done for you.

Finding your USF computer's name

You will need to know the USF computer’s name in order to be able to remote into it from another location.

        Windows 10/11

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select System
  3. In the left column, select About
  4. In the right panel, the computer name will be listed as Device Name

Connecting from a Remote Computer

Once the USF IT Service Desk has configured your machine for Remote access, follow the below directions to establish a remote connection.

  • Make sure your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) is the most recent version.
  • The computer you are logging in remotely from must have an up-to-date version of Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Macs with OSX 10.7 or later can get this app from the App Store, see the Mac instructions below.

If remoting into a recently deployed device using IT's Modern Endpoint Management, you will need to first log into


  1. Go to 
  2. Login with your and password 
  3. Enter the computer name or IP address you wish to connect to (pictured below)

  4. Choose your remote desktop size
  5. Click the Find Computer button
    RDG will go through a series of checks (computer is found, awake, and connection is solid) and display the results to you
  6. Click the Connect button
    RDG will download a ‘USFRemoteAccess.rdp’ file
  7. Execute USFRemoteAccess.rdp file  

    Security window popped up? Click Connect 
  8. Log in with your credentials 
    You are logging into your destination computer

    If remoting into a new, recently deployed device, you must log in using AzureAD\<Netid> for your user name.

    Note: Make sure you replace <NetID> with your NetID

Once you have completed this process, you will have a window to your destination computer and may use it as if you were sitting in front of it. When you are finished, you can simply log out of your remote computer and the window will close. 

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If you are using a Mac from home to connect to your newly deployed PC on campus, you must contact USF IT Remote Support to have an edit made to your work system.

This must be done on campus while logged into the newly deployed machine.

Please call 813-974-4357 or visit to have this work done for you.

Already have the Microsoft Remote Desktop app? Skip to Step 5

  1. Launch the App Store 
  2. Search for the Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Click on Microsoft Remote Desktop
  4. Enter your credentials for your Apple account
  5. Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop
  6. Click on New in the upper left
  7. Choose Add gateway from the Gateway drop down menu (pictured below)
  8. Click on the Plus sign to add a gateway:
  9. Fill out the following fields (Pictured below)
    1. Gateway Name = USF
    2. Server =

    3. User name = Your USF email or for newly deployed machines, you must log in using AzureAD\<Netid> for your user name.

      Note: Make sure you replace <NetID> with your NetID
    4. Password = Your NetID password
  10. Close the Preferences screen
  11. Choose USF from the Gateway drop down menu 
  12. Enter your email address and password under Credentials
  13. Enter your computer name in the PC Name field
  14. Close out of the Edit Remote Desktops screen
  15. Click on USF under My Desktops (pictured below)
  16. Click on Continue
    You will be connected

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Already have the Microsoft Remote Desktop app? Skip to Step 5

  1. Tap on the App Store 
  2. Search Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Tap on Get 
  4. Tap on Install 
  5. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app
  6. Tap the Plus sign (pictured below)
  7. Tap Desktop
  8. Tap PC Name
  9. Enter your computer's name (pictured below)
  10. Tap Done
  11. Tap the panel on the Remote Desktop main menu
  12. Enter the credential you use on your machine

    Tapping the controls at the top will allow you to zoom, switch between mouse, pointer, and touch functionality, bring up a keyboard, etc

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