USF Application Gateway


Application Gateway is a software portal that gives users access to over 40 different software applications for their personal and academic use. 

This project has been funded by the Student Technology Fee. You can use this gateway from any device that has a web browser and gain access to many of the applications found in USF computer labs.

The Application Gateway is available to current students, faculty, and staff. Please sign in using your email address as your username. 

Web Client Access

Navigate to the link and sign in using your email address. 

Visit Accessing Applications Gateway for additional information on access using Remote Desktop

Available Applications

Below are many of the available applications and suites. More are added every semester.

  • 8085 Simulator
  • Acrobat DC
  • Advanced Design system
  • AutoCAD
  • ArcGIS
  • Arena
  • Aspen
  • Biowin
  • jGRASP
  • Logger Pro
  • Maple
  • Microsoft Office
  • NetBeans IDE
  • NI LabView
  • Origin 85 Viewer
  • Python
  • SAS
  • SimaPro
  • SolidWorks
  • SPSS
  • Stata
  • Statistix
  • TeXworks
  • Visual Studio
  • Wolfram Mathematica

System Maintenance servers will be offline for weekly maintenance every Saturday from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM (EST). Users still logged in at 4:00 AM (EST) will receive a pop-up warning every 5 minutes and be given 15 minutes to logout.

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