USF Information Technology is pleased to announce a new, streamlined Direct2U process that will significantly reduce the amount of time you wait for your newly purchased Windows desktops and laptops to be ready for you or your colleagues to use. Direct2U means that USF employees will now have their new computer shipped directly from the vendor to the department. Your device will be available for immediate login and use while the basic software is being downloaded and installed.  

What do I need to do? 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
  1. Ensure you have your MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) device you use for logging into USF systems with you
  2. Back up documents and settings from your old machine that you wish to keep
  3. Sign in to your new desktop or laptop and follow the prompts

How Direct2U works:

Windows-based laptop and desktop purchases made on or after January 10, 2022 through the USF Computer Store at the Bulls Marketplace will be shipped directly to the department, rather than to IT. When the new owner signs on for the first time, the system will automatically configure and install the basic software needed to be up and running at USF. All basic software should be downloaded and installed within 24 hours.

  • This process only applies to new windows laptops and desktops purchased through the USF Computer Store at the Bulls Marketplace on or after January 10, 2022. 
  • If you are ordering computers for someone else, the new owner should be the first person to log in. 
  • If the computer will be used for more than one person, the person who logs in first should be the person you want to be the administrator.
  • If remotely accessing the computer is necessary, contact USF IT through the IT Service Desk for assistance.
  • We encourage you to purchase IT-recommended bundles to make sure your new computer comes with the right cables and to ensure compatibility with monitors, docking stations, etc.
  • You will see a $10 charge for "USF Auto-Pilot InTune Processing" for the service on your GovConnect invoice.

Review the attached links for instructions on backing up files and settings on your old computer and for how to set up your new computer when it arrives. 

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