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Welcome to the Microsoft 365 Critical News and Updates page. This page provides notice of changes, upcoming features, leaving features, and other major updates to make sure you get the most of Microsoft 365.

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Critical News and Updates

Email Recipient Limit increased

Previously you were limited to 500 recipients per email.  With a recent update, Microsoft has released the ability for USF to customize this up to 1,000 recipients.  This change to allow 1,000 recipients per email is rolling out to users currently and is expected to be complete by March.

Migration to Exchange Online Protection is complete!

The migration from our previous anti-spam solution to Exchange Online Protection (EOP) from Microsoft is complete!

Click Exchange Online Protection to learn more.

All USF students are now enabled for Microsoft 365

USF IT is supporting our University's transition to remote learning by providing the full Micrososft 365 service suite to all USF Students, and Employees. We have documentation on the left to assist in this transition. We encourage you to utilize all links. 

Of critical importance are Microsoft Teams and Micrososft 365 for Students. Our faculty and staff currently have access to this full suite of services. We still encourage you to review all available documentation. For immediate self-guided training, please utilize the resources below.

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