Hardware tokens are highly secure alternatives to traditional multifactor options such as texts or apps. It allows you to sign in without needing a second device, and addresses limitations traditional devices have such as requiring a cell phone signal. Hardware tokens are ideal for people traveling internationally, or who do not have/use a cell phone. These devices are affordable and available at the link below for purchase. Ensure you select the correct device to match the USB port on your computer.


Setting up your token

  1. Navigate to https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-infoA 

  2. Enter your USF Email address and select Next.

  3. Enter your USF Email Password and select Sign in.

  4. Select Next.

  5. In the left column, select Security info and then select Add Method.

  6. In the drop down, select Security Key.

  7. Select USB Key.

  8. Make sure you plug in the USB device and then select Next. (The USB will flash once it is connected properly)

  9. You will see the below image as your computer connects your key to your account.

  10. Select Ok.

  11. Select Ok.

  12. Enter a PIN number. Once entered twice, select Ok.

    This is what you will be using from here on. Make sure you remember this key.

  13. Your Security key should be flashing at this point. If you are happy with the PIN you selected, press the button on top of the Security key.

  14. Next, you will be asked to name your Security Key. This will show in your Security Info. Once entered, select Next.

  15. Once the key has been successfully set up, you will see the key listed below.

  16. To change your MFA method to the security key, select Change.

  17. In the drop down, select Authenticator app or hardware token - code and select Confirm.

  18. Once successful, you will see the below message in the upper right corner of the window.

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Using your token

  1. When you sign into anything that requires MFA, make sure to have you USB key plugged into the computer you are on.

  2. Enter your USF Email address and select Next.


  3. Enter your USF Email Password and select Sign in.

  4. Select Use a security key.

  5. Enter the PIN that you created while setting up the key and select Ok.

  6. Tap the flashing button on the key itself.

  7. Select Next.

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