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Bing Chat Enterprise at USF


The University of South Florida is excited to announce the availability of Bing Chat Enterprise (BCE) Preview for faculty and staff. Bing Chat Enterprise is now integrated into the Microsoft Edge sidebar. You can ask complex questions and do not need to flip between tabs. Bing Chat Enterprise brings generative AI tools to USF in a protected environment, ensuring what goes in remains within the organization, chat data is not saved, and is not used to train the underlying models. 

Table of Contents

Accessing BCE Preview 

  1. You can access BCE through either: 
    1. and sign in using your USF credentials.

       How to sign into Bing using USF credentials

      Select Sign in located at the top right of the website

      Select Sign in with a work or school account.

      Enter your USF email address and select Next.

      Enter your USF email address password and select Sign in.

      Perform your MFA verification.

      Select Yes.

      Once signed in, select Chat located in the top toolbar of Bing.

      You are ready to go.

    2. Opening Microsoft Edge and clicking on the button located on the top right-side navigation bar  

  2. You should see the green shield ‘Protected’ icon on the page and in the side navigation. This verifies that you are working with the USF BCE experience. 

  3. Ensure that SafeSearch is set to Moderate for BCE to work effectively. 


  • BCE is only available for faculty and staff use. In addition, the agreement with Microsoft requires that the tool not be used to evaluate student work. 
  • While data is protected within the USF ecosystem and not passed on to Microsoft, while the program is in Preview know that encrypted, de-identified prompts may be processed on servers outside the United States. Thus, if funding restrictions require all data to be housed within the United States, BCE Preview should not be used. 
  • BCE cannot be used to develop new similar or competing products, nor reverse engineered. 
  • Current limits include 30 chats per conversation or session. 
  • BCE uses the latest GPT-4 model from OpenAI. As with all generative AI tools, the following considerations should always be employed: 
    • Verify facts and cross-check information, as generative AI models can create incorrect information. Users are still responsible for the validity and usefulness of the content generated by these AI tools. 
    • Remember that models generate content based on training that can include biases. Be aware of this potential and actively work to ensure negative impacts are minimized. 
    • Generative AI is not a replacement for critical thinking. Use these tools to complement your ideation, brainstorming, and own creativity. Ensure your unique voice remains centered in your work. 
    • Respect copyright and original authorship, ensuring that information is properly cited, and original works are credited. 
  • Understand that the BCE Preview is subject to change in features and availability as developed by Microsoft. 


For support with BCE or to provide feedback visit Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise Overview

For issues signing into using your USF credentials, please contact the USF Service Desk.

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