Banner - Banner Document Manager Troubleshooting

Banner Document Manager (BDM)

BDM allows users to view and manipulate documents within Banner. Most issues related to BDM are caused either by Missing Software Components BDM requires to run properly or by missing Trusted Sites. The troubleshooting detailed below is for Internet Explorer only since that is where the components work and where trusted sites are listed.

BDM's full features are only available in Internet Explorer. Other browsers can use the "lite" version of BDM to view documents, but will not be able to annotate, scan, etc.

If your issues with BDM persist after the troubleshooting detailed below, please reach out to the USF IT Help Desk by emailing with a detailed description of your issue and screenshots of any error messages you are receiving.

 Installing Missing Components

There are a few indications that you may be missing components of BDM. Below is a short list of common issues, but is not inclusive.

  • PDF files will not open
  • Internet Explorer will lock up and then crash when trying to display files
  • The scanner will not load into BDM

A good way to check if you have components installed is to double-check the control panel's list of programs.

Installed individually:

Installed as a package:

They are the programs published by "EMC" or "EMC Corporation".

All of the components for BDM can be found in the software center, including both the full installer and the installers for the individual components.

A backup download for the full installer can be found here:

The software center should be available from the start menu of most USF desktop computers. The full installer is the left-most option in the highlighted area, while the individual components are listed to the right.

The installation process is very straightforward - simply run the installers and accept the prompts that show up. Once installed, confirm this through the control panel's list of programs and then try accessing BDM again.

 Trusted Sites

If the component troubleshooting fails OR you're seeing the display error in the below screenshot, double-check the trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right

  2. Go to Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites
  3. Click Sites

  4. Add the following sites:



If you're still seeing random characters, then click on Restore Advanced Settings and reset Internet Explorer's settings.