DocuSign - Frequently Asked Questions

Use this article to answer frequently asked questions for DocuSign.

How can I connect DocuSign to my cloud storage?

You can download files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive account to create forms in DocuSign. Visit for more information.

Please note that DocuSign does not support uploading documents from DocuSign to cloud storage.

How can I use DocuSign to sign my own documents?

DocuSign has a guide at that covers signing your own documents and sending copies of the signed documents to others.

How do I change a document I have already signed?

Signers cannot change a document they have already signed. If you need to make changes to a document after signing it in DocuSign, please contact the sender and ask him/her to resend the document. 

How do I change a document that I am supposed to sign?

You have two options when you receive a document through DocuSign with incorrect information: contact the sender or (if possible) modify the document. Visit How Recipients Use Document Markup for more information.

How do I correct a document I have already sent?

DocuSign's advanced correct feature allows senders to change incomplete documents. Visit to watch a video guide on this process.

Please note that you cannot make changes to completed documents. If you need to change a completed document, you must recreate the document, make the necessary changes, and resend it.

How do I correct or void a signed document?

Unfortunately, you cannot correct or void a signed document in DocuSign. You can only Correct or Void documents in an In-process state (i.e., Created, Sent and Delivered). A document cannot be changed once it has been Completed, Declined, Voided, or Expired.

However, you can clone the document and resend it. Visit for more information.

How do I create or change my signature in DocuSign?

DocuSign's electronic signature technology allows you to choose, draw, or upload the signature you will use to sign documents. Visit for a guide to creating or changing your signature.

How do I recover a deleted document?

When you delete a document in DocuSign, it is sent to your Deleted folder. If you need to recover a deleted document, open your Deleted folder, locate the document, and move it to another folder.

Please remember that deleted documents remain in your Deleted bin for only a short time before they are removed permanently. You cannot recover deleted documents once they have been removed from your Deleted bin.

How do I send someone a document to sign?

When you send a document to be signed in DocuSign, you upload the documents you want signed then add contact information for the people who need to sign and the information they will add. Visit for a step-by-step guide to creating and sending documents through DocuSign.

How do I sign a document in DocuSign?

When someone sends you a document to sign, DocuSign emails you a notification that you can click to access the unsigned document. Visit for a step-by-step guide to signing forms in DocuSign.

What does my computer need to use DocuSign?

DocuSign should work with most modern computers. Visit for more information on the minimum system requirements.

How do I know if an email is really from DocuSign?

DocuSign created a list of things to look for if you receive a request to sign a document from an unknown sender at If you review this list and determine that the message you received is not legitimate, please forward it to

How does DocuSign keep my documents safe?

DocuSign uses compliance with security standards, document encryption, and secure access to protect your documents.
Visit for more information.