Eduroam - SecureW2 on Android


The following is the process on how to use SecureW2 on an Android device to connect to the Eduroam wifi. 

You will need to visit to perform this process.

Once this process is complete, do NOT delete the app from your device. This will remove your access.


To be able to successfully complete this process, you will need to have your MFA device nearby for approval after sign in.

  1. Once you navigate to in a browser, you will need to download the SecureW2 app from the Google Play Store. To do this select the Download button.

  2. Once the Play Store has opened, select Install.

  3. Once installed, select Open.

  4. SecureW2 will begin to download the configuration.

  5. Select Yes, App will configure and connect.

  6. You will be asked to allow JoinNow MultiOS to access your device's location. It is recommended to select While using the app.

  7. Select Next.

  8. Enter your account and select Next.

  9. Enter your NetID Password and select Sign In.

  10. Place a checkmark at Don't ask again for 60 days and then approve your log in through you MFA method.

  11. Place a check at Don't show this again and select Yes.

  12. Select Continue.

  13. Select Next.

  14. Select Allow.

  15. Select Next.

  16. You should receive a message that you have been enrolled successfully. Select Next.

  17. Select Done.

  18. Navigate to your phone's Wi-Fi to check to see if it connected automatically. If it did not, at this time, select eduroam. Once it is connected successfully, you will see Connected via JoinNow MultiOS.

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