Eduroam - SecureW2 on Mac


The following is the process on how to use SecureW2 on any device running Mac to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi. 

To be able to connect to Eduroam, you will need to have some kind of internet connection before being able to connect properly.


To be able to successfully complete this process, you will need to have your MFA device nearby for approval after sign in.

If you are already connected to USF or USF Guest, visit and skip to Step 4.

  1. Connect to the USF-Guest Wi-Fi on your device.

  2. Open an internet browser. You should be taken to automatically.

    If you are not directed automatically to the web page above, you can visit to continue with the process.

  3. Select Connect to EDUROAM.

  4. Select Sign In.

  5. Enter your address and select Next

  6. Enter your NetID Password and select Sign In.

  7. Place a checkmark in Don't ask again for 60 days. You will receive an approval request to your MFA Device that must be approved to continue.

  8. Place a checkmark in Don't show this again and select Yes.

  9. Select JoinNow

  10. Select Allow.

  11. You will receive the below page once the download of the profile is completed. You will need to make sure that EDUROAM is selected within your list of Wi-Fi options.


  12. Navigate to System Preferences on your computer.

  13. Select Profiles.

  14. Highlight University of South Florida under the downloaded section on the left column and then select Install.

  15. Select Install.

  16. Enter in your password to your Mac and select OK.

  17. A the bottom left, you will see the message "Installing profile...".

  18. Once the installation is complete, you will see your account under SCEP Enrollment.

  19. You should automatically be switched over to the Eduroam Wi-Fi. If you are not, then you can manually select it to connect.

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