Data and Analytics (previously HART)

Welcome to Data & Analytics! D&A is a portal to access reports containing data from various systems across USF and USF Health. D&A's power is in its ability to access reports quickly and easily from multiple data sources and then to drill down to specific levels within each report.

Eligibility for Access to Data and Analytics 

Anyone who has a USF FOREST account is eligible for some level of access to D&A. Permission to view D&A reports is determined by role and departmental needs.

Requesting Data and Analytics Report Access

USF Forest Accounts - Request Data & Analytics Access
For USF Forest account owners, the accountable officer approving the request should email a request to

Please include the following pieces of information:

  • Forest account to be granted access
  • Forest account user's name
  • Forest account user's department
  • Report or folder to which you are authorizing access
  • Department(s) or college(s) for which you are authorizing access
  • Reason for access request

Help Documentation

Below we have collected instructions on how to use the Data and Analytics system.