USF NetID Accounts - Request Data & Analytics Access


There are two different types of requests for access to USF Data & Analytics.

Requests for Access to SIS Reports for OASIS Banner Data

Although the SIS reports (formerly WRS) are hosted in the USF D&A (a.k.a. SAP) system, all access to those reports require a process overseen by the Office of Decision Support.

To request SIS report access:

To ask questions about the SIS reports, send an email to

Other Access Requests

There are many types of report sets hosted in USF D&A (a.k.a. SAP). Requests for access must come from appropriate accountable officers via an email sent to:

The email should include the following information:

  • NetID account to be granted access

  • NetID account owner’s name

  • NetID account owner’s department

  • Reports or folders to which you are authorizing access

  • Department(s) or college(s) for which you are authorizing access (for any reports which restrict data by department)

  • Reason for access request