How to Navigate the Saba Me Page

The Saba Me page is available for all Saba users regardless of security or permission levels. The Me page offers a variety of areas and points to interpret, sort or customize information that user has access to within the LMS.

How to get to Saba Me

After logging in:

  1. Go to the hamburger icon in the top left of the screen


  2. Click on hamburger icon

  3. Select Me

Saba Me Menu and Descriptions

The Saba Me Menu offers LMS features that can be found under one of the following categories:

  • Profile and Coursework

  • LMS Engagement

  • Items in the LMS

Profile and Course Work

These areas focus on primary LMS functions such as user profile and learning.

  1. Plan
    The first section displayed on the Me page is the ‘My Plan’ section. The ‘My Plan’ page features a summary of the Learning and Certifications that have been completed or need to be completed.

    This area allows the user to view details of the class, launch it, register, or drop it. Classes can be added to the To-do list or added to the completed course setting.

    Under the Actions, My Plans users can access the following menu:

    The ‘My Plan’ page contains shortcuts to the Plan, To-Do Lists and the Calendar.


  2. Profile
    The profile tab gives a summary of the user’s position. This offers the name of the manager of the user as well as any certifications, references and any other useful information.


  3. Completed Learning
    The completed learning section shows the user what they have completed. The user can print out certificates, add courses to to-do lists, add notes, view course summary and retake the course.

  4. Courses I Manage
    If the user manages courses, this is where they will be located. This is also where new courses can be created.

  5. Order History
    Order history is for any purchased courses.

LMS Engagement

6. I'm Following
Within the Saba system, users can follow other users. This can be done by searching for a user by name and clicking the follow icon on their profile page.

Within the ‘I’m Following’ section users can customize the type of notifications they receive regarding other users they follow:

7. Following me
This section shows users who is following them and allows them to follow back or open chat options within the LMS.

8. Collections
Collections allow users to generate personal content repositories where links, files, meetings, ideas and pages can be organized into segments and made easily accessible to the users.


9. Groups
Most LMS users are already in a group. Group designations are found here. Users can also create and populate their own groups from this setting.

Items in the LMS


10. Meetings
This area will hold upcoming meetings, meeting recordings, ongoing meetings. Also new meetings can be created here.

11. Ideas
User ideas can be found here. Ideas can then be shared by tagging other users or groups.

12. Files
This area is for files the user has uploaded to their personal space.

13. Links
This area is for links the user would like to have access to within the Saba system.

Additional Sections


14. Workspaces
Workspaces are areas that can be created for specific groups to share information and content. Workspaces can only be created for groups the user has created or owns.

15. Analytics
Analytics lists reports the user has created, scheduled or has recently viewed.

16. Twitter
This is a microapp setting that is currently not being used.