How to Navigate the Saba Homepage

See Descriptions Below


a. Sidebar Navigation: Navigate to specific pages such as your Me page, Workspaces, and Groups etc. within the dropdown menu.

b. Search Bar: Use the search bar to find courses, files, discussions, people, and more. The auto-suggest feature will populate potential options as you type.

To narrow down your search results and populate results specific to a category, select the arrow before the search bar to view category options and then type in the search field.

c. Account: Message notifications will appear in the upper right of the profile icon. Selecting the icon will provide you with several options such as the Message Center, Account Preferences, Saba Meetings, and more.

d. My Learning: Lists the courses and/or certifications that are assigned to you and you will need to complete. Due dates will be specified under the name of the course or certificate. Selecting the course’s name under My Learning will take you to the course’s homepage if you’re already enrolled in the course or to the course’s enrollment page if you need to enroll.

  • Some courses/certifications will need to be completed on an annual basis and will appear in this column.

  • Courses that have not been assigned to you but you have enrolled in will not automatically show up here unless you select the “ADD TO PLAN” button on the course's homepage.

  • A red triangle icon means that the training is mandatory.

e. Plan Summary: Provides a visual status summary of your courses and certifications.

f. Completed Learning: Completed courses and certifications will be listed here.

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