NetID and USF Email Activation


NetID is the handle of your email address, for example, your NetID will be "rockythebull" if your email address is  NetID and USF Email Activation is a process that you choose and created your
NetID and email at USF.  Once you chose and create a NetID and email, they will be yours forever.  

Table of Contents

1. Go to URL to start your NetID and USF email activation.  

2. Click Activate NetID and USF Email (see image below)

3. Choose either Use Your U# or Use Personal Email option to start the process.

 Use Your U# (click for more information)

a. Enter your U# and date of birth. (see image below)

b. Check the Captcha box (see image above)

c. Click Submit (see image above)

 Use Personal Email (click for more information)

a. Enter your email address. This is the email that was initially provided when
corresponding with the University. For OASIS applicants, this email address is
identified as "Primary Email Address" in Oasis. This can be any email system (e.g.
Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL) but the user MUST be able to access this email
account. (see image below)

b. Check the Captcha box (see image above)

c. Click Submit (see image above) 

d. Check your email for the confirmation code

e. Enter the confirmation code (see image below)

f. Click Submit (see image above)

If Your NetID Already Exists

If you have an existing NetID, it will display on the page. (see images below)

If you've forgotten your password, select Click here to reset your password. You will not need to finish steps 2 - 7. 

4. Read the "USF Computer and Networking Access Agreement". (see image below)

5. Select a NetID from the six options provided, and the NetID and USF Email will be
shown on the page upon the selection. (see image above 5a and 5b)

6. Click Submit. (see image above) 

6a. Click Confirm to confirm the NetID selection (see image below)
6b. Click Cancel to go back to the selection page for a different NetID option (see image below)

7. Create a password for the selected NetID based on the provided password requirements.
(see image below)

8. Re-enter the password to confirm. (see image above)
9. Click Submit. (see image above)

A confirmation of your NetID, and U-number will be provided. It may take up to one hour for the activation to be completed.