Box - Changing Ownership of Folders or Files

Here we will briefly describe how to give ownership to another collaborator on a file or folder.

To grant ownership rights to a file or folder the person you want to grant ownership permissions must already be a collaborator on the item.

By making this collaborator the File or Folder Owner you become an Editor and no longer own the folder. Any collaborators who have been added directly to this folder will see it in their root folders. Any collaborators who have been added at the parent-folder level or above will no longer be collaborators.

  1. Log into your Box account.

  2. Select the file or folder you wish to give ownership to another collaborator. The list of collaborators will appear on the right. 

  3. Find the collaborator you wish to give ownership, select the menu next to the collaborator marked with 3 dots (...), then choose Owner.

  4. You will receive this warning. Select Okay to proceed.