How to Re-enter Your Signature in Outlook Desktop Application


Sometimes when updating your profile or when you get a new computer Outlook will lose your signature. The following shows you how to re-enter your signature in the Outlook desktop application.

To learn how to add your email signature in the Outlook web app follow this link.

  1.  Open Outlook and select Sent Items. Then find an email you sent previously that includes your signature.

  2. Left click and drag the cursor over the text to highlight your signature and then either right click to copy or type Ctrl+C (the shortcut for copy).


  3. Select New Email. Then in the window that opens select Signature and then from the drop down menu select Signatures...

  4. Select New then enter a name for your signature and select OK.

  5. In the blank area right click your mouse and select Paste Options: and choose the first icon. Or place your cursor in the blank area and type Ctrl+V (the shortcut for paste).

  6. Confirm your signature and make any necessary edits then select OK.

You signature is now available in Outlook.